Dear Everybody,

River back to normal this week, soon there will be cries of “Drought!”  On Saturday, new recreational member David Walker went off the string first time, and will be back next Saturday.  Well Done David!
On Sunday, due to a serious misjudgement on my part, Tom and Dominic capsized in a pair.  I stopped them opposite that dock in mid flow, and then instructed them to do a balance exercise (Dippy-Dippy), which did not go to plan.  I offer my sincerest apologies to both of them, particularly to Tom, for whom this was his first capsize since he started with us in August 2014.  They swam the boat back to the dock, and no harm done.
This coming Saturday, Derby have requested use of the river from 2:15 onwards so they can do a bit of racing, so we will be off the water by then (and watch the fun).