Dear Everybody,

This from Stuart on how the Masters fared at Monmouth (so called) Sprint Regatta:
No wins to report from Monmouth sprint regatta I’m afraid. It was a long sprint at 750m …..and a brisk head wind against stream made for fairly challenging conditions. Gillian and I overcame a 6s handicap to row through Dart/Totnes in the SF of MxE/F 2x but then met Wycliffe in the final. We held them at the start for a few strokes but could not match their boat speed, losing by a couple of lengths. Gillian and Sue also lost a straight final in Open W2- to a very competent Monmouth pair.
An eventful week with a series of 500’s on both days.  Sriya fell in for the first time on her fourth piece, coped well with the shock of th cold, and was able (with instruction) to get herself back into the boat and scull home.  She was unable to attend the capsize drill last January, but has learnt on the job instead.  
Saturday’s women’s four had yet another new face, Pamela Merriman (a friend of Jilly Perry’s).  Pam is experienced, but not been out in while, and we had a good paddle with Jemma, Lu, and Andie.  So, welcome Pamela!  While we were on the water, Colm got into difficulties at the top when his blade popped out of his gate.  It is a credit to his watermanship that he stayed upright, and Josh effected a close support operation in his single to do the gate up.  Colm had been assisted onto the water by a close relative (no names – no pack drill), who will (no doubt) be more careful of the gates next time.
Trentham next Sunday, and Bridgenorth the Saturday after, so a busy time ahead!