Club Membership

If you wish to try rowing or are already a seasoned rower wanting a change of scenery, please contact us initially using the contact form on the contact us page. The Club Captain will then be in touch to determine the best time to come down and try the sport or you may be placed on a waiting list depending on resources available at the time.


Membership Applications

The Club offers various types of membership and fees - see table.







JUNIOR ( under 18)





















 * per 4 sessions


All new members will have to fill out a membership form before boating from the Club and hand it to the Captain. This covers the Club for a number of issues including insurance. You can try out as a temporary member for a trial period of 1 month, which could be extended for a maximum of 3 months. This is a chance for you to trial the club without long term commitment; however after this time you will decide whether to continue as a full member and complete a full membership form or that rowing is not for you.

Once membership has been approved , fees are payable and the Treasurer will contact you to set up a Standing Order to the Club if you wish to pay monthly , or you can pay the outstanding fees outright.

Please contact us if you have any questions about membership.

See Club Documents Section for the relevant application forms.


All members of the Club are expected to comply with the Club Rules and Constitution which can be found in the Club Documents Section.