Dear Everybody,

Saturday, and another outing for the Women’s Four.  Stella kindly made up the numbers in bow, Liz Davies (in her first outing since July last year), Lu Shakespeare (who, I recalled only after she had gotten into the boat, had never been in a boat before – she is such a familiar face on the dock, it slipped my mind) and Andie (at stroke, again).  All went very well, and I am now taking bookings for next week’s effort.....anybody?
A bit of a departure this weekend, we’ve put the original sweep riggers on the Stampfli (for the first time), and two crews have been out for a spin.  Balance is an issue (as always with sweep), but it is improving.  I’m also putting folk into pairs instead of doubles, which makes a nice change from the usual sculling (Charlie and Gracie had fun, they were audible all the way to the top corner).
The abandoned kit bucket is starting to take over the clubroom, so I am serving notice that in one week I shall be emptying it in favour of the charity shop.  You have been warned!