Dear Everybody,

Mid-week as usual, but enlivened by Dominic’s company for dock repairs on Wednesday (good of him, considering his dunking at my hands last Sunday).  
Saturday very busy, with the usual suspects (including a very quick J14 quad formation with Sriya, Sam, Monty, Luke, with Charlie coxing – they had fun with some starts).  Also we saw an inaugural outing for a recreational women’s four, with Andie, Emily, Jemma, and Anna (myself coxing).  A big plus was an enjoyable visit from Emily-Jane Rolley-Parnell (she can’t help it, poor dear), now in her final year of robotics at Plymouth (her latest effort is a robot fish).  She was as helpful as ever on the dock (a lot!), and filled us in on her current adventures in unicycling and juggling (no time currently for rowing, but that is understandable).
Sunday was quiet at home, as a select few of us went to Northwich.  We had three wins from the day, one in each division: myself in Op.MasF/G.1x (by one second!), Gillian and Kjerstie in W.MasE.2x (also by one second! – they later raced again in W.2x Band 2, against the kiddies – not a win, alas), and Op.MasC/B.4x- (Rob, Chris, Stuart, me).
Also racing was Barney, who was third of four in Op.J15.1x Band 2, and Gary and Andy (Op.MasD.2x) who were third of four as well.
It is worth noting that the quad was the fastest adult boat of the day (all the J18 quads were quicker), and that our oppo was the same crew we faced last Autumn (Lancaster).  Despite the fact that we had moved up an age category from last time (swapping Stuart for Luca), we won by the same four second margin.  Good going! (though I says it as shouldn’t).