Dear Everybody,

Tuesday still too much water to boat safely, but okay by Thursday.  Saturday a full list, and a new face for the recreational side.  Jonathan Annetts (Jon) went off the string in old faithful first time.  With luck he’ll be back next week.  Well done Jon!
As for Sunday, this time it worked, the awards lunch in Henley actually happened.  It was great to see Tom and Martha from next door being honoured at the same time (mine was for water safety, theirs for volunteering – i.e. running an extensive and successful Learn To Row programme).  In addition, I had two delightful outings on the Henley reach with my date for the lunch (Mary Bromilow).  The second paddle this morning was noteworthy for the white horses raised by a strong northerly.  Challenging, but great for coaching good bladework round the finish (a much more effective teaching aide than nagging).   My thanks to Stuart Grant, Ian Green, Josh Gledhill, and Kate Doleman for covering for me on Sunday, I understand things went well.