Dear Everybody,

The following update from Dan Levy:
How's it going down at the club?  It all looks busy from the Facebook news. I can't wait to get back down.
I had a scan the other day. Apparently it's to do a sort of half time score midway through the treatment. The good news is that the treatment is working. Annoyingly they were vague as to how well. When I pushed them they admitted that the tumor had shrunk but was still there. But at least it is heading in the right direction. Also annoyingly they found blood clots on my lungs (a side effect of the chemo). The doctors were confused that I hadn't been getting out of breath (guess they have never done an ergo). Still it just means injections twice a day for 6 months. 
The best thing is they have had to up the meds as to quote the nurse "my surface area has increased". Basically I have put on weight (I decided not to point out she meant mass as she had a needle). Apparently this is a really positive sign.
Anyway 60ish days and I should get another update, hopefully it will just be tablets and getting back to normal after that.
Say high to everyone
Saturday saw yet another iteration of the Women’s Recreational Four (Liz, Jemma, Anna, and Andie).  The balance is getting better, and the boat is becoming more comfortable to row.  In a remarkable feat, Jon Annetts came off his floats in what was only his 7th session.  This is somewhat of a record, and Jon should be very pleased with himself.
Sunday was our visit to Trentham, where the club enjoyed six wins: Sriya had her first win for the club (YAY!), winning her semi and final in W.J13.1x,  Luke and Colm won a straight final in Op.J13.2x (and first club win for Colm-YAY!), Jake won semi and final in Op.J14.1x, Gillian and Jooles won a straight final in W.MasD.2x, I won a straight final (2 oppo) in Op.MasF/G.1x, and Gillian, Jooles, Kjersti, and Sue won in a composite invitational eight – semi and final.
My grateful thanks to Paul for taking on the role of Vice Captain for the day, and to all parents assisting (particularly Tim, who kept watch near the finish for ages at the end of the day).