Dear Everybody,

First a bit of news from Anthony Rhodes about his son, Josh (ex-Derwent, currently at Notts & Union) and how he got on at this year’s National Schools Regatta. [my comments]
Hello Lewis 
Joshua took part in J16 doubles at National Schools on Sunday with his partner Harvey.
There were 41 entries and 36 of them raced for 12 places in the semi finals with the rest eliminated. Josh and Harvey finished 11th in the time trial [to establish the top 12], which was better than expected considering the opposition... Lots of public schools, colleges and long established doubles [Harvey has only been rowing a year, and they have been together in the double for 3 months].
The semi final was a tough one [the speedcoach failed so it was a case of guess your rate], and they finished 6th.  The boys were not happy with their performance, this was their first loss in four events.
The speedcoach was sorted out for the B final, but their luck continued bad.  At the stakeboats they were given a warning for not attaching [they were attached!], and then disqualified for a false start.  But all this happened in lane 3, and they were in lane two! Sportingly the lane 3 bowman raised his hand and said "It is us that are at fault, you have called the wrong lane" The umpire then revoked the disqualification, and was happy to race all 6 finalists [!!!].
It was a good race for the boys: at the 1000m there was only 4 seconds between the six boats. 
They finished in 5th place [11th overall, same as the time trial] with a time of 7:17.  If they had managed this in the semi, they would have made the A final.
I told him he should be very proud of the result [I agree].
Best regards 
Anthony and Josh
Hi folks, I’m back.
Saturday we went to Bridgnorth Regatta, where out of eleven entries we had seven wins (remarkable!): Jake and Barney in J15 doubles (Barney’s first regatta win – I think?), Tilly in J14 singles (her first regatta win in singles), Jake in J14 singles (emphatically not his first), Luke, Tilly, Monty, Sam, and Will in J14 quads, Josh in J18 singles, Max Hunt (a chum from Derby) and me in Masters F doubles, and me in Masters F singles.  Thanks to all the wonderful parents (and that means all of them), and particularly Lu for handling the trailer list (so we were sure we had all the blades on board). With the six wins at Trentham, this brings our total to 32 wins for the season so far.
Sunday saw a capsize (Jon Annetts in only his eighth session, so not unexpected, but he took it in good part and no harm done), a first session for Jennifer Carty (recreational) in Yellow Peril (off the string first go, Well done Jennifer!), and another iteration of the women’s recreational four, with Prab in drag, Liz, Emily, and Andie.  Many thanks to Sue Cope for coach/coxing the outing.  Also thanks to Kate Doleman for her coach/coxing of the J16 women’s four in the first session. 
Missed from last week’s epistle: Phoebe Paillin (J10, and daughter of Jooles) had a first go with us in Yellow Peril (she sculls on floats at home with Jooles).  She’ll be back, Welcome Phoebe!