Dear Everybody,

A good week’s work, despite the weather.  The river has been up and down, causing us to train indoors on Thursday (a nice reminder of how much more fun the water work is).  Scarlett, who came off floats last Sunday, clocked up another traditional first this Sunday by falling in up at the top while turning.  I made the best speed I could once I’d heard, but she still had time for a couple of attempts to get back in before I got there.  A very nice man on the bank assisted me in getting her back in the boat, and she sculled back safely to the equally traditional warm shower.  I’ve been assured that she has taken no harm, and will be with us again next week.
Speaking of next week, Sunday will be our first junior competition of the new year, and we have some new faces in the performance group.  There will be first races for Sriya (W.J13.1x), Barney (Op.J15.1x), and Colm (Op.J12.1x).   Alas, Will is not available for Op.J11.1x, or we could have had the full set from J11 to J15 (Jake is doing J14, and Luke J13).   The trailer is looking pretty full, so should be a busy day Saturday getting it all loaded.