Dear Everybody,

Nowt to report for the working week, as the high water kept us off the river throughout (although we were able to sneak out in the men’s quad during a brief lull on Thursday – very lucky timing).  Sunday was Lincoln Head, which brought the club four wins: The J14’s won all available Open J14 events (J14 quad – Luke, Monty, Tilly, Sam, with Charlie coxing, J14 double – Jake and Sam, J14 single – Jake), and the Masters Mixed D quad won their event handily (results attached).  Barney was equal third of five in J15 singles (his first race), The Open C quad came second of four (Rob, Chris, Luca and myself), the Open C double another second of four (Chris and myself), and Gary and Andy were last of five in DEF doubles (although they had some very tough oppo – the F double who won it were quicker than the Ds and Es on raw time, never mind the handicap! – only nine seconds behind Chris and myself - ouch).  
The headwind was atrocious (I would class the first division as “appalling”, and the second as “You Must be Joking”).  As a result, the organisers cancelled four of our junior singles entries in the second division: Tilly (J14), Luke (J13), Sriya (J13), and Colm (J12).  The latter two would have been racing for the first time, and all were somewhat relieved when they heard the news.
I am off to Henley (again) on Sunday for the re-run of the British Rowing Annual Awards ceremony (and free lunch).  So Sunday there will only be one session at 9:00 am.  Cover will be provided by Stuart Grant, Ian Green, and Josh Gledhill.