Dear Everybody,

Catch-up from last Saturday – Evesham Regatta:  One win: Gillian, Kjerstie, Sue, and Jooles won W.MasC/D.4+; in W.MasD.2-, Gillian and Sue got to the final (but lost); and Kjerstie got to the final (but lost) in W.MasF.1x.
During the week, former member Anthony Rhodes donated a lovely EPNS goblet inscribed “Derwent 14 May 1911” (and which is displayed behind the bar on the equally lovely new shelves made by Rob).  The Goblet is a presentation piece for the Opening Races of that year (only the Closing Races now survive).  Anthony spotted it on Ebay and bought it for the club.  Thank you Anthony!
This Saturday saw another outing for the Women’s Recreational four, this time with Anna (Henderson), Emily, Andie and Jo (the latter being Jo Rees, rowing again for the first time in two years).  The day also saw first sessions for Emre and Onur Irgi (brothers, of course).  A good session for both (if a bit damp for Emre, who got severely rained on – it’s a water sport).  Both are back next week, so Welcome!
Sunday: Nottingham Masters and Club: Four wins: Gillian and Stuart in E mixed doubles, Gillian, Kjerstie, Sue, and Jooles in D coxless fours, Jake in J14 singles (good race), and Stuart again in a composite win with Derby – G coxed fours.  The women’s coxless broke their rudder off the start (caught on the stakeboat), and won the race without steering – a considerable accomplishment.  
So, 19 wins so far this year.