Dear Everybody,


It has turned out to be a remarkable year for the Club.  The headline news is the setting of a new record for wins in a season (52), with twenty members taking home pots from the twenty-one events at which we competed (full list attached).   The season has also seen a significant expansion to the fleet.  Two years ago a Sport England grant allowed us to increase our scope by two rowing seats with the purchase of two singles.  This year we have increased the places by eight through the purchase of a serviceable medium weight Janousek coxed four (from our Derby neighbours), and a grant aided (total bid cost £14,600) purchase of a new Janousek lightweight coxed quad and blades, specifically for the use of the Junior squad.  The year also saw the addition of five private single sculling boats (virtually all Stampflis – made by Janousek, of course).  The sale of the bequested Sims, Ida May, freed up a bit of space in boat storage, but this still left only two racks available for five new singles.  The solution was the construction of a storage shed, with space to house six singles (sans riggers) and the president’s kayak (!?!).  

The Club has also moved forward organisationally.  The Vice Captains, Sophie and Rob, have just completed their initial courses that will qualify them as Level 2 rowing coaches (the cost for which has been grant aided from several sources, with some additional assistance from the Club).  The Captain will be undergoing the same process early in the new year, thus increasing the coaching staff total to a respectable four (John Partridge, a Gold Award coach, had previously been our only one).

I must offer my appreciation to the club officers for their support throughout the year.  Gillian Lockhart as secretary has been handling all event fees and the senior entries (as well as her other duties), and Paul Beaman as treasurer has been looking after subs and the various inspections and technical requirements for keeping the club within the safety rules.  On top of this has been the mammoth administrative burden required by the Club’s continuing attempt to qualify for the BR Clubmark scheme (soon to be completed).  For all these efforts, they deserve our thanks.  Assisting on the dockside, my thanks to Paul (again), President Alan Perry, and the group of Parent-Volunteers for relieving the strain at weekends and making the session numbers possible.  My particular thanks to Estelle Leckie for the organising of the Parent-Volunteer Rota, not the easiest of tasks which she performs brilliantly.  And my particular thanks to the Vice Captains, Sophie Payne and Rob Thornton, whose advice and practical support have been a large contribution to this year’s success.

Yours,    Lewis

The Numbers:

Below is a breakdown of the statistics.  We have managed to maintain the increase in sessions in line with the previous year, but it is unreasonable to expect this to continue.  The log census turned up fifteen weeks of the year in which the weekly sessions topped a hundred, and only thirty-three days in which the club went unused.  



2013 – Total Log Entries: 2,603          (15/01/13 to 18/01/14)


2014 – Total Log Entries: 3,530          (19/01/14 to 22/01/15)

Juniors (Scheduled)        2,529 

Seniors (Unscheduled)     1,001 


2015 – Total Log Entries:  4343          (01/01/15 to 31/12/15)

Juniors                            2697 (2834 – session records)

Seniors                            1567

Gym Members             57

Temporary Members            22





Nathan Harries-Wood

Emily-Jane Rolley-Parnell

William Goddard

Tom Abbot

Kitty Meynell

Grace Taylor

Noah Clivery

Louise Fleet

Eliza Machell

Alexandra Stevenson

Rauriadh Stevenson

Steve Jones



Rose Talbot

Kevin Keogh

Ella Holloway


Came and Went

Clayton Perry

Daniel Leary

Jeremy Stuart

Emma Byrd

Jo Byrd

Jacob Jackson

Ares Kretsis

Barney Smith

Jeremy Wright



Poppy Brown

Jamie Carrick

Phil Cope

Harry Davies

Robin Delves

Grace Green

Sam Green

Florence Harvey

Jack Hobbs

Jay James

Chris Johnson

Tom Jesson

Alex Lewis

Jenny Marchant

Hannah Munns

Arabella Sayers

Gilbert Shama

Mary Williams


The Future

J14 boys and J13 girls quads

Women’s Novice Four

J12 Section Recruiting

Masters Recruiting