Dear Everybody,

For those (like me) who love their statistics, there are plenty below.  The gist of it is that we’re doing pretty well.  All the numbers have increased over the year (members, sessions, regattas and heads attended, wins, etc.), which is great.  The size of the Junior Performance Group has increased from six to seventeen, and going to a competition has now become a major organisational exercise (sixteen club members competed at the Head of the Soar).  The senior section has seen a similar increase, as we attract experienced members from other clubs.  The seniors have been self organising (for which, my gratitude), and communication about boat use has been very good.  

I must offer my appreciation to the club officers for their support throughout the year.  Gillian Lockhart as secretary has been handling all the entries and fees (as well as her other duties), and Paul Beaman as treasurer has been looking after subs and the various inspections and technical requirements for keeping the club within the safety rules.  The increase in club membership has meant a large increase to their workload, and they deserve our thanks.  Assisting on the dockside, my thanks to Paul (again) and President Alan Perry for relieving the strain at weekends.  And my particular thanks to the Vice Captain, Rob Thornton, whose advice and assistance (and map reading while towing to regattas) has been invaluable throughout the year.

Looking ahead, grant proposals are in hand to increase our fleet (a junior coxed quad with blades to suit is the target - we have had confimation of a £2000 grant from the Rowing Foundation towards this), as well as grant proposals to increase our changing room and boat storage space.  All this is needed just to keep up with the increased numbers. As for recruitment, the Senior Squad still has some spare capacity, but the Junior section is at saturation point.   As the season progresses (and more of the juniors become race ready) the pressure on boat sharing will increase, and will need good communication to balance the demands of the Senior and Junior squads. 

The Statistics!   -  Figures for 2014 – 19/01/14 to 22/01/15

Total Log Entries 3,530 sessions (last year 2,603)

Seniors (Unscheduled) 1,001 sessions

Juniors (Scheduled) 2,529 sessions

Since last year’s census, we have lost five (John Thongmee, Aurel Madar, Jack Walker, India Bramley-Astle), and gained seventeen (Will and Tom Abbot, Will Doleman, Lucy James, Benoit Astley, Chloe Field, Joe Leckie, Alexandra Mcusker-Stevenson, Eliza Machell, Louis Machell, Ellie Meynell, Robin Delves, Tom Ellershaw, Beth Rowbottom, Maddy Hobbs, David Phillips, Will Goddard), and have four in the pending tray (Rauriadh McCusker-Stevenson, Sophie Davies, Catherine Lansbury, Edward Watson).

Gained and lost over the year: Lauren Clarke, Tom Forrester, Bradley Fishwick, Thomas Matthews.

 Heads and Regattas (and wins):

The club entered ninety-one crews in twenty-one events and had twenty wins spread over ten members:

Yorkshire Head W.J17.2x Sian V & Emily R-P

Northwich Spring Head

Leicester Regatta   W.Nov.1x  Sophie P

National Masters Championships

Shrewbury Regatta (Sunday)

Henley Masters

Northwich Regatta

Trentham Regatta  Nov.1x James D, Mas.E.2x Lewis H & Graham D

Ironbridge Regatta (Sunday)  W.Int3.1x Sophie P

Burton Regatta (Saturday) Int3.1x James D

Burton Regatta (Sunday) Int3.1x James D, J12.1x  Will D

National Juniors

Stourport Regatta (Saturday) Mas.E.1x Lewis H

Stourport Regatta (Sunday)

Warwick Regatta J12.1x Will D,  Mas.E.1x Lewis H

Bradford Autumn Regatta J13.2x  Will D & Josh R, J18.1x  James D, W.Int3.2x Sophie P & Emily R-P, W.Nov.1x Cesca M, 

Pairs Head

Nottingham Autumn Head  J18.1x James D

Northwich Autumn Head

Head of the Soar Mas.E.2x Lewis H & Graham D

Derby Really Small Boats Head Mas.E.2x Lewis H & Graham D, WJ16.2x Milly P & Kate D,  J15.1x Will A, 

Entry and Trailer fees total - £1,789


Membership A Year Ago: (TOTAL 35)


Doleman James Doleman, Kate Meynell Cesca Rolley-Parnell Emily-J Venables Sian


Doleman, William Dyer Jane Grant, Alex Grant, Stuart Huckle, Joe Madar, Aurel Meynell Ellie Meynell Kitty  Newton AndrewPayne MillyPayne Sophie


Field, Chloe Fleet, Louise Harries-Wood, Nathan O’Connor, Ethan Rhodes, Joshua Walker, Jack 


Bramley- Astle IndiaHill Jasmine Newton TomShah Thomas 


Beaman, Paul Buckle, Harriet Cope, Sue Hancock. Lewis Levy, Natasha Lockhart, Gillian Paget, Chris Thornton, Robert Williams, Richard

 Now: (TOTAL 52)


Abbot, William Campbell, Ethan Doleman James: Doleman, KateDoleman, William Fleet, LouiseHarries-Wood, NathanHill JasmineJames, LucyMeynell CescaMeynell KittyPayne MillyPayne SophieRhodes, JoshuaRolley-Parnell Emily-JVenables Sian


Astley, BenoitField, ChloeGrant, StuartHuckle, JoeLeckie, JoeMcCusker-Stevenson, AlexandraMachell, ElizaMachell, LouisMeynell EllieNewton Andrew


Abbot, TomDelves, RobinDavies, SophieEllershaw, TomGoddard, WillHobbs, MaddyLansbury, CatherineMcCusker -Stevenson, RauriadhPhillips, DavidRowbottom, BethWatson, Edward


Dyer JaneGrant, AlexNewton Tom 


Beaman, PaulBeviss, GaryBuckle, HarrietCope, SueHancock. LewisIllingworth, FayeLevy, DanielLevy, NatashaLockhart, GillianPaget, ChrisThornton, RobertWilliams, Richard