Dear Everybody,


Nine entries in eight events, and four wins for the day (and the Victor Ludorum!).


First Division:

First race of the day was Jake, followed five minutes later by Sam in J13 singles.  They were in a league, which meant that straight wins decided the finalists.  There was a very large Warwick sculler in the event, who beat both of ours by a 3-ish length margin, so the fact that Sam ended up in the final against him was academic.  Sam sculled strongly, but the Warwick chap held his form.


Then Charlie and Gracie had a straight final in J15 doubles against a crew they had met (and beaten) at Stourport.  They did so again, and Charlie earned her first rowing pot of the season (she won in the cox’s seat at Stourport).


In passing I should mention that Sophie and James? of Derby RC (we had given them trailer space) won senior mixed doubles handily.


Second Division:

Jake and Sam were in a league again in J13 doubles, made the final, and won it without handily.


Luke was unfortunate in his J12 singles league.  Warwick is nothing if not a tricky course to steer, and he encountered a concrete wall on the far side in his first race and fell in.  This was not pleasant for him, and he decided to withdraw from the event.  He has won several times this year, and vows to return to Warwick to put this right next time around.  He should be comforted by the story of James Doleman’s two capsizes in his J15 league event in ’13 (didn’t do him no ‘arm).


Alex then drew a very short straw in J16 singles, facing a national medalist at J15s in his first round.  He sculled well, but his oppo (from the dreaded Wycliffe College) was sculling a very nice Phillipi single, which would not have been out of place at a world championships.


Next Sophie and Millie lost their heat of senior doubles (racing as composite with Derby).


Gracie then had her straight final in J15 singles, which she won by a distance (well done!)


I then had my final in MasE/F singles.  I’d been given a bye, so was able to watch my oppo race in the heat.  The heat winner was an E from Marlow RC (a long way from Warwick), and he was sculling a handsome Empacher, which, as with the Phillipi above, would have welcome at any top level event you care to name.  The question was whether to take my handicap against him or race level.  Discretion being the better part, I decide to take my advantage, which was four seconds.  In the event, he finished three seconds behind me, so next time I see him we’ll race level.


Which brings us to a total of four wins, and the embarrassing award of the Victor Ludorum.  I have seen the final results, and as Warwick chose to excuse themselves from consideration (they had ten wins) we were indeed the most successful club.