Dear Everybody,

This from a former member vis last week’s announcement of the demise of Graham Radford:
Hi Lewis.
I rowed with Graham Radford on a number of occasions with some success.
I remember him well. Also a number of his pictures
I am pleased he remained in touch with the Rowing world
All the very best to all his family
Reg Hibbert
And on the other side of the swing, Jon Annetts is pleased to announce the arrival of Stanley (a reliable name if ever I heard one) weighing in at 8 lbs 1 oz.  Ella is also in the pink, so that’s all good.  On behalf of the Club, Congratulations to all concerned!
Scarlett is on the mend after her appendix op, and we look forward to seeing her about the place again when she is ready.
My holiday from club organisation was delightful.  However, some of us never rest: so my thanks to Tina Green for her continued good work with the parent rota, as a result of which, the weekend went without hitch (and the weather was lovely – although I realise this was not within Tina’s remit).  
So lovely in fact, that I was able to persuade Andie Smith (mother of Jake and Luke) to come off floats on Sunday (which she did with great success).  As her first session had been on July 1st 2017, one might think this a bit overdue, but she has only had 15 sessions in that time (a busy life), so this was quite an accomplishment.  Well done Andie!