Newark Head – Always a challenging row, a long straight-ish bit followed by a series of intense turns.  Beth and Charlie were third of four in W.J16.2x,  Elspeth Chatto (rowing as Derwent, but at Keele Uni) and her sculling partner Eleanor (rowing as Keele) came third of five in W.Bd1.2x (the winners were NRC, with Kate Doleman in the bowseat! – so a proxy win there), Tom was last of four in Bd2.1x (but it should be said that the winner of Bd2 was 18 seconds quicker than the winner of Bd1).  And I won in MasF.1x (Mr. Walker did not enter, so I must wait until next year for a rematch).  The neighbours did well, with a convincing win for their Bd1 eight (33 secs clear of their nearest oppo), and a win in Bd2 women’s doubles (another proxy for us, as Sophie Payne was at stroke).


This final event of 2108 brings our win total to 63 for the year.