Nottingham Autumn Head was spectacularly unpleasant (although I have known it worse).  Cam and I had the best of the day in the first division: cold, yes, strong headwind, yes, but no rain (that came later).  Cam came sixth out of ten (strong field) and improved on his performance at Burton, and I won F singles (and also went better than Burton).  Our congratulations to James Doleman, who came fourth, and won the Senior singles Band 3.


In the second division we did not fare so well,  Tilly, Luke, and Stella all faced very good opposition in their singles, and were presented with conditions that did them no favours.  The J14 double (racing as J15 – no oppo on J14), came second of three, seven seconds off the winners, which was a very good result for them.


Beth and Charlie had the third division to themselves (...well, you know what I mean), they came fourth of five, and had a nice tussle with a W.J17 double from Burton (they had started next ahead), whom they caught by eleven seconds.  More congratulations to James, who wasn’t supposed to be in the third division, but was put in the strokeseat of NRC’s Band 1 quad at the last minute, and won the class (and came second overall – a Band 2 quad won!?!).  Also representing Derwent at a distance was Kate Doleman, who sat in the ‘Golden Bott’ position of bow in a newly formed quad (B2.W.4x-).  They were third of three, but will be going faster with some practice.


My thanks to all the parents who were able to assist, and to Cameron for riding shotgun on the way there.


Finally, a note of congratulation to our neighbours (Derby shared our trailer to take a quad, two fours and a double) for their win in W.J17.2x (out of a field of seven).  The crew included Kate Remer, formerly of Derwent and a J16, so a win well deserved!