Burton (this year – International!! – really, some crews from Germany competed), over the two days: thirty-two entries (three of them composites with Derby), forty-three races (heats, etc), and nine wins.  Wins: Saturday – Josh G (Op.J16.1x), and Tilly (W.J13.1x).   Sunday: Josh G (Op.J16.1x), Tilly (W.J13.1x), Gracie (W.J15.1x), Gillian, Stuart, Paul, and Kjerstie (Mx.MasD/E.4x-), Gillian, Sue, Kjerstie, Emily, and Elspeth (W.MasD.4+), me (Op.MasE/F.1x), and Stuart (as part of a Derwent/Derby composite in Op.8+...... yup, that’s right, not a masters event????)


Best Bits:  Luke won two tough heats to get to his final, where his oppo was allowed to get away with a second false start.  Unfortunately Luke did not raise his hand in protest at the finish.  It would probably not have been upheld, as the start umpire had already made a decision on the validity of the start by allowing it to continue.  Still it would have been worth asking – you will always be taken seriously if you feel you have not been given a fair race.


On Sunday Chris Plastow was racing for the first time in a while in Op.1.x.  Due to his long absence, he has no points, and so his entry was allowed (Jed Campbell-Williams was denied entry on Sunday for just this reason).  This led to an extremely unequal final (not that Chris’ heat was much better).  But fate intervened.  One of the things you tell a crew when they are going out to face overwhelming opposition is, “Well...they might fall in.”  And thus, when Chris, sitting comfortably up on his adolescent oppo, wrapped a buoy cable around his blade, and fell in, a coaches prayer was answered.  The winner was later heard to say that he was then sure of the race, but when he saw Chris get back in the boat and start sculling again, he suddenly wasn’t so sure, and got a move on.


The club also competed this weekend at Henley Masters.  I raced on Friday, and went out first round to Pete Atkinson (he beat me last year at the same event).  Gillian, Kjerstie, Emily, Sue, and Nick raced (alas, unsuccessfully) in MasD coxed and coxless fours.  My morning on Friday was brightened by a fly past by President Trump.


Also news from James Doleman:


Hi Lewis,


A quick update below regarding selection for representing England:


Following Henley, we decided we would put together a 4 to attempt to be selected to repres the England at the home International Regatta which is in Cork Ireland this year. This consisted of 2 of us from our 4 for Henley and 2 from the other 4 that raced.



We attended the qualifying time trial today in London and have been selected to represent England in the coxed 4. 


Looking forward to seeing how we will do against Scotland Ireland and Wales.